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Koolan jobs offer

Posted on 17 Aug 2018

Indigenous applicants have been given priority for new jobs at the Koolan Island Iron Ore Project. Dambimangari members have been encouraged to apply.

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image for New CEO building on “solid foundations”

New CEO building on “solid foundations”

Posted on 14 Aug 2018

Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation’s new Chief Executive Officer believes the organisation is set for a bright future based on the work of the foundation directors and staff.

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Dambi Office reopened

Posted on 14 Aug 2018

The Dambimangari office reopened on July 30 after a two month closure to complete a strategic review of the group’s operations

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Strategic Review Update

Posted on 14 Aug 2018

Dambimangari Chairperson Rowena Mouda and CEO Ken O’Neill have outlined key targets to follow the corporate restructure for Dambimangari’s future operations.

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image for Dambimangari April/May 2018 Newsletter

Dambimangari April/May 2018 Newsletter

Posted on 01 May 2018

The Latest newsletter includes a farewell to former CEO Peter MCumstie, who has retired this year to tackle some health issues.

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image for Right time burning begins

Right time burning begins

Posted on 20 Apr 2018

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy in collaboration with Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation is conducting a fire management program across Yampi Sound Training Area and the Dambimangari Indigenous Protected Area.

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Investing in Dambimangari Country

Posted on 11 Apr 2018

Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation has reaffirmed the group’s commitment to transparent assessment processes for investment

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image for Peter McCumstie Steps down

Peter McCumstie Steps down

Posted on 22 Mar 2018

Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter McCumstie has retired for medical reasons.

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image for Edmund Jungine - Ranger of the Year

Edmund Jungine - Ranger of the Year

Posted on 26 Feb 2018

Edmund Jungine, Dambimangari’s Ranger of the Year for 2017, has become an ambassador for the group’s programs and people in the Kimberley region.

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Agreement lays the foundation for a major Dambimangari program

Posted on 18 Dec 2017

A unique partnership between the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation will lay the foundations for one of Australia’s most important environmental management programs.

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