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Strategic Review Update

Strategic Review Update

Posted on 14 Aug 2018

Dambimangari Chairperson Rowena Mouda and CEO Ken O’Neill have outlined key targets to follow the corporate restructure for Dambimangari’s future operations.

The restructure was reviewed earlier this year.

Rowena Mouda said directors and staff had been working diligently to ensure the corporate re-structure was ready to manage the challenges ahead.

The principal objectives include

  1. Good governance - ensuring effective management and due-diligence in record-keeping to meet regulatory standards required of modern organisations.  
  2. Financial management - ensuring costs and spending are all in line with the group’s approved budget, making the Dambi organisation secure for the long term.  The DAC aims to maintain its reputation as a viable and financially responsible organisation to deal with.
  3. A cultural focus - ensuring good care for the community and continued programs to restore the independence of the Dambimangari people.

“All these matters are being handled by our dedicated directors and staff on a daily basis and your understanding and kind cooperation when doing business with us is appreciated because we all need to work together to have good and lasting outcomes,” Mrs Mouda said.