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Right time burning begins

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Right time burning begins

Posted on 20 Apr 2018

The Australian Wildlife Conservancy in collaboration with Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation is conducting a fire management program across Yampi Sound Training Area and the Dambimangari Indigenous Protected Area.

The program, from mid April to June 30, is part of an annual “right time” burning strategy to reduce the risk of wild fires in the region. Aerial burning will be conducted in 3-7 day blocks throughout this time depending on weather and seasonal conditions.

Burning will involve a combination of controlled ground fires (along road and track networks, around infrastructure and cultural sites) and aerial burning using helicopters.

The core strategy for the fire control program is the use of prescribed burning – to light fires across the region at the right time of the year and under the right conditions. This helps to protect habitat and wildlife - including rare and endangered secies

Our prescribed fires are designed to be “cool”, moving slowly through the landscape without consuming all of the vegetation in their path.

 A successful prescribed burn serves to reduce the risk of wildfire and to minimise the damage caused by any wildfire that does occur (e.g., by protecting old-growth vegetation).

We also establish and maintain fire breaks (often around roads) where appropriate

Landowners and other stakeholders will be provided with regular updates throughout the season. People in the area are asked inform Dambi Rangers of any changes in contact details.