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Koolan takes on Aboriginal contingent

Koolan takes on Aboriginal contingent

Posted on 25 Feb 2019

Trainee Administrators

Mount Gibson Iron has recruited 49 Aboriginal personnel to work on the reconstructed Koolan Island Iron Ore project.

Many of the successful job applicants, including 20 Dambimangari members, will be trained for their new roles on Koolan Island. 

Tim Wride, General Manager of the Koolan operation said the Company had completed the bulk of the recruitment for Koolan Island.

“Overall more than200 positions have been filled over a 4 month timeframe,” he said.

“The intent and strategy at Mt Gibson Iron is to ensure we have a broad range of skilled positions, for which people have applied , as well as a volume of entry level positions to suit non skilled recruits or people with no experience in mining.

“Every position is required and every person is valued and in turn creates value.

“We have employed skilled tradesmen such as boilermakers, electricians, advanced equipment operators, mechanical fitters, apprentice mechanics, trainee administrators,  general hands and trainee operators, so a very broad range of skills and experience, 

“The intent is that when a person is qualified they move into a regular position and then a trainee role is vacant again.

“We also have a commitment from our major contractors to employ and provide opportunity for indigenous employees, with some additional 8-10 positions to be filled by those companies. 

Jordan Mouda-Hughes

“We are all looking forward to producing skilled, enthusiastic and committed personnel that will ensure their success for the future.” 

Dambimangari Chairman Rowena Mouda said the recruitment program was part of a positive working relationship between MGI and DAC

“We’re very pleased that the Koolan operation is back in production, with the potential to make an important economic contribution to the region and our community” she said. 

Picture captions – Trainee administrators Mahalia Lane and Byron Laylan;  maintenance general hand Jordan Mouda-Hughes.