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Investing in Dambimangari Country

Investing in Dambimangari Country

Posted on 11 Apr 2018

Investing in Dambimangari country


Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation has reaffirmed the group’s commitment to transparent assessment processes for businesses wanting to invest in projects on Native Title Land

Chairperson Rowena Mouda says the Board is happy to support business development which contributes to the wellbeing of Dambimangari people.

“However, it’s important that developers understand our well established policies for dealing with proposals,” she said

“Under these policies, any developments must be considered by the Board of Directors – and must meet environmental and other regulatory requirement approvals.”

She said the Board operated independently of other business organisations and authorities in the Kimberley region

Under the terms of the Dambimangari development policy, first published on the web site in 2015, consultation is a critical element of the assessment and approvals process.

In this context, decision-making bodies are obliged to respect the rights of all stakeholders and help the Dambimangari people exercise their rights through open and transparent communications.

The policy makes it clear that a fundamental element of all business activities undertaken by the Dambimangari people is an underlying respect for Dambimangari heritage and culture.