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Healthy country is good business for Dambi

Healthy country is good business for Dambi

Posted on 19 Oct 2017

Initiatives to maintain economic growth and healthy country have been the key features of the Dambimangari 2018 program presented to the Annual General Meeting by the corporation CEO Peter McCumstie on October 6.

The program details a plan for new business ventures and the revival of iron ore mining on Koolan Island to improve the corporation’s revenue. The potential growth will be supported by increased corporate governance training for the Board of Directors.

Mr McCumstie described the program as an opportunity to build on the group’s achievements in meeting the needs of Dambimangari’s large Traditional Owner membership. One of the key developments will be a return to mining by Mount Gibson Iron at Koolan Island in late 2018 or early 2019. The resumption of mining on Dambimangari Country will generate a royalty stream for the corporation and the community.

It will also help to generate more jobs and business opportunities.

Plans for the future involve a much broader economic base for the Dambi community. The group is looking at a joint venture in aquaculture, logistics supply for Browse Basin oil and gas, tourism initiatives - including a visitors’ pass – and environmental management programs which will generate consultancy fees.

Some of Dambi’s high priority environmental management programs will generate their own economic growth with significant jobs and consultancy opportunities.

The group’s representatives have met several times to work with the WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions on a joint management program for the three Marine Parks in Dambimangari country.

Another major initiative is a partnership with the highly respected Australian Wildlife Conservancy to manage extensive areas of pristine country in the Yampi Sound Military Training Area.

The Healthy Country Plan, a centrepiece of Dambimangari environmental management, has been operating successfully for the past five years.

Dambi’s environmental management capabilities will be boosted by the acquisition of a 9.3 metre Ranger patrol vessel for a significantly increased program to manage Dambimangari sea country.

The Manambadda, supported by a tender Abeeya, will implement many of the strategies designed to give Dambimangari Rangers an expanded role in managing the Kimberley Marine Parks.

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