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Family’s high seas adventure to follow Dambi Baton change

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Family’s high seas adventure to follow Dambi Baton change

Posted on 14 Oct 2016

The management of Dambimangari's expanding environmental programs has changed hands after Healthy Country Co-ordinator Jarrad Holmes passed the baton to former Ranger Coordinator James Mansfield this month.

For Jarrad, the handover will be the start of a new adventure. He and his partner Vanessa Boxshall are planning to sail around Australia with their two children Lily (8) and Clancy (5). Pictured left.

For James, it will be a chance to manage one of the most important and challenging conservation programs in the Kimberley Region.

Both men have already made a significant impression on the Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation programs.

Jarrad (41), who has worked with several Aboriginal communities and the Kimberley Land Council, Joined Dambimangari three years ago.

In that time he has managed the flagship Healthy Country program aimed at protecting and managing the unique environment and culture of the region.

He has also been developing a strategy to manage the increasing number of tourists visiting Dambimangari country – mostly by sea.

His next experience will be the yachting trip of a lifetime for Jarrad and his family, when they set sail around Australia.

"I'm very keen on yachting and I think this would be the ideal time for us to make the trip," he said.

"The kids are old enough to swim and young enough to enjoy the experience."

Partner Vanessa will help with schooling – and everyone in the family will get an unrivalled appreciation of northern Australian geography.

Dambimangari's former Health Country Co-ordinator Jarrad Holmes with newly appointed successor James Mansfield.

James has been the Dambimangari Ranger Co-ordinator for the past two years.

He has put a major emphasis on developing a skills and capability base for Dambimangari people to independently access and manage land and sea country.

A graduate of Wollongong University, he has worked extensively in land management and conservation.

"This is definitely one of the most exciting areas in Australia to be working," he said, after taking up his new role this month.

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